Space-age technology capable of detecting and confirming powders, solids, liquids and all forms of CBREs


Every year, twenty thousand suspicious letters containing powders, solids, liquids and CBREs* are opened, disrupting business continuity, inciting fear, causing bad publicity, and placing employees in harm’s way. In conjunction with increasing year-over-year odds of being a victim, a growing number of these attacks entail the intervention of over 400 inspectors work for the US Postal Inspection Service from the US Postal Inspector.

MailSecur’s mmWave technology is the best solution to circumventing these attacks. Designed for letters, flat envelopes and small packets, It represents a monumental revolution in mail screening in terms of safety, accessability and detection. Based on to the advanced space-age technology developed for the EarthCARE exploration satellite, and on to the efforts of the greatest collection of experts in the field, MailSecur’s mmWave technology can detect and confirm powders, solids, liquids and all forms of CBREs, in the smallest of quantities. Letter bombs, traditional CBREs as well as new emerging threats from mail weaponization to 3D printing are all within MailSecur’s sphere of detection.

MailSecur’s exclusive 360° Rotation™ Video Imaging technique renders mail content decoding easier than ever before. Operators can watch a live video of the inspection process as they move objects by hand within the inspection area, allowing for 360 angles of view for detection and content identification compared to 2 angles of view for X-Rays. And operators require only minimal training—MailSecur™ eliminates the need for highly technical mailroom staff.

The MailSecur™ portable work station is a unique cost effective all-in-one solution that can be readily deployed at multiple locations, and is the safest and most comprehensive wide-range detection system on the market. It effectively eliminates cost, safety considerations, and technical skills as impediments to mail screening. MailSecur™ is safe accessible detection.

*Chemical, biological, radiological and explosives

Once undetectable by conventional means, MailSecur™ detects and confirms the presence of suspicious powders and liquids in quantities 280 times smaller than traditional equipment. It detects letter bombs, traditional CBREs as well as new emerging threats from mail weaponization to 3D printing.

MailSecur’s exclusive 360° Rotation™ Video Imaging allows operators to rotate objects by hand during inspection, resulting in far more effective and discriminate detection.


5 Key factors
of differentiation

  1. 360° Rotation™ Video Imaging 

  2. Can move objects by hand in the inspection area

  3. Real-time non-intrusive inspection

  4. Safe for the operator

  5. Lightweight, portable and easy to set up