10 Security Incidents Per Day

Disrupting Companies, Government

Agencies and Celebrities.

And Mailroom Security is the Weakest Link.


Next-Gen Mail Security

Technology and Training

We help companies, government agencies and celebrities to safely enhance
mailroom security with next-generation threat detection products and services.


Safety and Security for Everyone

We believe that being safe from threats should not be a privilege afforded to the few,
but a human right available to all.


Introducing MailSecur

Your first line of defense able to detect and confirm the presence of suspicious powders and liquids in extremely small quantities.

Our Commitment to a Safer World

See how MailSecur™ makes the workplace better by providing real-time mail screening, safety for the operator and clear 3D images–all in a lightweight and portable package that’s easy to set up.

Closing the Technology Gap

MailSecur™ quickly detects and confirms the presence of suspicious powders and liquids in letters, flat envelopes and small packets. Using advanced next-gen millimeter wave developed for the EarthCARE satellite, it is the safest and easiest to use device today for preventing hoax and other threats that elude traditional detection.

The MailSecur Difference

• Safe for the operator
• 3D real-time imaging
• Move objects by hand
• Real-time mail content screening
• Lightweight, portable, easy to set up

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“The holographic imaging capabilities makes the MailSecur device superior to x-ray for mail screening facilities.”

Marshall Keith JamesJGW Group

“The MailSecur device is a disruptive technology. It is transforming mail screening detection capabilities.”

Christian WestCEO AS Solution
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