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Safe and Accessible Detection

The MailSecur™ submillimeter wave device, unlike X-Ray equipment, is safe, easy to use and requires only minimal mail screening training. The device is light, portable, and small enough to fit into the smallest of mailrooms. With our built-in mail threat assistance, a highly technical mailroom staff is not required. As a self-contained all-in-one solution, MailSecur is easy to deploy. The device is cost effective and flexible financing is available.

Core and Unique Features

See how we are revolutionizing mailroom security.

The device can detect and confirm the presence of small amounts of powders equivalent to 2% of a tea spoon, or 100 milligrams of powder and a single drop of liquid. The holographic imaging allows visualization of the liquid and powder in movement.

MailSecur generates a video of mail content in real-time and in 3D. Powders and liquids are seen in movement, allowing an operator to quickly confirm the presence of a threat.

MailSecur combines multiple technologies such as dual field of view for imaging, dual metal detection and remote access for bomb tech support. The device is portable, plugs in for use and can be deployed overnight. Training is under three hours.

We are committed to providing mailroom service, support and training anywhere in the world.

Mailroom Security Training and Services

MailSecur is backed by a full range of services, including a  Mail Technician On Demand who can remotely assist and recommend appropriate action via Internet access. We also provide mailroom security training as well as maintenance and software updates.


RaySecur  is committed to meeting all your mail room needs by providing all services that you need to protect your mailroom staff and executives at the office or at home.  Our equipment can be installed anywhere.  

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Testimonials from Security Experts

“The MailSecur device is a disruptive technology.  It is transforming mail screening detection capabilities.  After Anthrax events of 2001, everyone bought x-ray systems yet powders and liquids are undetectable.  RaySecur’s technology and the MailSecur device is able to detect those threats.”

Christian West

CEO AS Solution

“The holographic imaging capabilities makes the MailSecur device superior to x-ray for mail screening facilities.  The training and service offered by RaySecur is the best in the industry.”

Marshall Keith James

JGW Group

“The 3D holographic imaging capabilities is truly a game changer.  Mail content decoding is easier then ever before because, items can be manipulate by hand in the viewing, rendering all field of view possible. And you can see movement of powder and liquids in real-time.  No other technology can do this — truly unique and a game changer for mai room security.”

Ken McGovern

Safety and Security Specialist

“After many years of waiting for a solution to complement x-ray equipment and to bridge the gap in powder detection, I think RaySecur combined with an x-ray device is the complete imaging solution for any mailroom.”

Thomas Blomqvist

CEO at NSC Sweden

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