MailSecur DHS SAFETY Act Designation.

Thousands of companies every year receive threats through the mail.

With MailSecur you can safely scan incoming mail with mmWave live video and keep your people safe.

MailSecur has received Designated status by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

RaySecur is the first manufacturer of dedicated mail security scanners to receive official designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the United States SAFETY Act.

"RaySecur’s technology fills a critical gap in mail security not addressed by X-ray systems… We added the MailSecur device to our mail screening procedures."
Perry Sumpter

All-in-One Solution

MailSecur combines multiple technologies to detect liquids, powders, and traditional threats.

Among the technologies are dynamic zoom imaging; dual metal detection; radiation detection, and remote access for EOD tech expert support.

MailSecur is light, fits on a desktop, and is as simple to setup and use as a desktop printer or copier… ready to plug-in and use.

Powders & Liquids

MailSecur can detect and confirm the presence of tiny amounts of powders and liquids.

That means 100 milligrams of powder (2% of a teaspoon), and a single drop of liquid.

The dynamic imaging allows visualization of the liquids and powder in movement when concealed within packaging.

X-ray can’t detect quantities this small—not even close.

3D Dynamic Imaging

MailSecur displays a video of mail contents in real-time and 3D, and safe to use by hand.

Dynamic video imaging makes detecting mail contents simple and intuitive with minimal training.

Its capabilities are far beyond static picture imaging like X-ray mail scanners.

Gone are the days of guessing based on a single 2D image. MailSecur brings mail contents to life.

The MailSecur Advantage: