Mission And Beliefs

“Our space-age technology will make the world a safer place.”

Eric Giroux, President, RaySecur™

Given the current state of the world, RaySecur™ believes there exists a clear and present danger for the population; a heavy price for all nations if nothing is done; and a real solution rooted in a genuine desire to protect society. More specifically, RaySecur holds three fundamental beliefs:

Mail is the weakest link.

RaySecur believes mail traffic inspection is a daunting challenge. With evolving and more creative threats, mailrooms are more than ever the weakest link within an overall security system. But new technology can now safeguard facilities and employees better than ever before. Millimeter-wave technology is the US government’s first line of defense at airports and it is now accessible for mail screening operations.

CBREs and hoax letters are economically damaging.

RaySecur believes suspicious letters carry a high price. Twenty thousand such letters are opened every year, disrupting business continuity, inciting fear, causing bad publicity, and placing employees in harm’s way. The remedial cost of such events far exceed the cost of protecting a facility and its employees.

We are committed to a safer world.

RaySecur believes it can make a difference and recognizes its social duty to contribute to the collective pursuit of keeping people safe from terrorism and intimidation — in particular the safety of leaders and influencers who expose themselves publicly by virtue of their position.

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