About Our Team

We are revolutionizing the market with a new, safe, cost effective, and user-friendly millimeter-wave technology, accessible to everyone. 

Eric Giroux, President, RaySecur™

Our Great Team

Eric CEO RaySecur
President & CEO

Eric is an expert in terahertz application for mailroom security.  He is a serial entrepreneurs and he has extensive knowledge in imaging with x-ray, gamma-rays and medical technetium production.

Volodymyr Kyrytsya


Volodymyr is a PhD scientist with specialty in terahertz, nuclear fusion, photonics and spectroscopy.  He is responsible for hardware and software development.

Co-founder & COO

Stefan is responsible for all operational aspects at RaySecur. He has extensive software and SaaS experience, and was most recently COO at LoopPay a mobile payment startup sold to Samsung.

Linda Marchese

Senior Research Scientist

A terahertz imaging expert with uncooled microbolometers, Linda is responsible for development of future generations of security equipment based on terahertz and mmWave detectors. 

Samuel Audet

Production Engineer

Samuel is responsible for ensuring our production schedule, assembly operating procedures and quality assurance ISO9001. He gets the units out the door to you, our clients.

Marc Terroux

Assembly Technician

Mark is responsible for assembling units based on standard ISO 9001 work procedures.  Every unit we produce  incorporates Marc’s dedicated hard work and attention to detail.

Amy Villeneuve


Amy is a tech executive who successfully grew Kiva Systems from a small robotic fulfillment startup to a $775M acquisition by Amazon and subsequent transformation into Amazon Robotics. Amy advises tech companies on strategy, operations and growth.

Roger Noel


From President of the Quebec’s Order of Accountants to serial entrepreneur, Roger has coached and invested in more then 20 startups.

Pierre Villeneuve


General Partner at a private equity firm, Pierre is a board member and  volunteer mentor at MIT. A former CEO of three high-tech startups, he is currently an advisor to over 30 companies and a research scientist at MIT.

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