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RaySecur Security Advisory: WARSHIPPING – IT and Network Vulnerabilities through the Mail Aside from conventional mail threats to an organization’s personnel and infrastructure via CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive) mail vulnerabilities also pose a serious risk to IT and cyber assets.  Recent testing by IBM has highlighted a practice known as “warshipping” where […]

Ricin: A Threat Yes But Not Often Fatal

Ricin was found this week on letters at two separate prison mailrooms in California.  Ricin, naturally found in castor beans, is extremely toxic and easily refined into the deadly poison.  This toxin has been used in warfare, although some applications violated ethical conventions, and assassinations since World War One. How did ricin get into two […]

Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD): A Legitimate Threat Without The Fanfare

RDDs and other similar radiological threats are just as destructive and expensive as IEDs, albeit in different manners. Prior to 9/11, response preparedness focused significantly on RDDs as a legitimate threat. To first responders, especially in metropolitan areas, RDDs were a big fear. For decades emergency response plans accounted for radiological threats and this drove […]