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19 White Powder Mail Cases in the Netherlands: What We Know

The first wave of white powder letters were reported at the offices of media company in Brabant and Amsterdam, and a hospital in Rotterdam. The total reached 19 white powder letters over 3 days last week. No injures have been reported and facilities have reopened quickly. “Letters containing the powder were first discovered at a […]

Visual & Tactile Mail Screening

USPS Poster 84 Graphic.

  Visual & Tactile Mail Screening Techniques Proper mail handling starts with the understanding that, based on well documented historical evidence, almost all threat-related mail shows one or more identifiable traits. These traits are so predictable that the United States Postal Service published them on its Poster 84 publication.   How to Screen Mail While […]

The 7 Emotions that Drive Mail-Borne Threats

7 Emotions of Mail Threats.

Each of the events below represents an emotion that drove a person to make a specific mail threat incident and how the situation played out. They are examples of how stressors and the real world interact. Human beings are all different and some act out when an individual’s sensitivities are touched uncomfortably. Often, these seem […]

Five Pillars of Mailroom Security

Revenge from employees, former employees, and other stakeholders is the most common motive, according to a recent USPIS report.  With three simultaneous crises — public health, economic, and social justice — security teams are facing even greater challenges. Like a pandemic, mail-borne threats often fall into the low probability/high impact category. Six months ago, few […]

You secure your front door. What about the back?

Or perhaps you walked through the front doors of a data center, financial institution, or pharmaceutical manufacturer and headed straight to the server room, trading floor, or R&D lab completely unimpeded? Most likely never. If your experience is like most, you were first caught on a security camera before you even walked through the front […]