<b>ISIS Threatens White Powder:</b> <b>Hoax Mail Attacks to Frighten & Disrupt Economy</b>

Mail Security Threats Incited by ISIS.

An ISIS supporter called on fellow jihadists to use the fear of biological terrorism to cause economic damage to the United States, according to RaySecur’s anonymous US government source. This individual posted on a pro-ISIS forum within the last 30 days, instructing others to mail “white powder substances” to high-profile targets. “Fake anthrax cause more […]

19 White Powder Mail Cases in the Netherlands: What We Know

The first wave of white powder letters were reported at the offices of media company in Brabant and Amsterdam, and a hospital in Rotterdam. The total reached 19 white powder letters over 3 days last week. No injures have been reported and facilities have reopened quickly. “Letters containing the powder were first discovered at a […]

Five Pillars of Mail Security

Revenge from employees, former employees, and other stakeholders is the most common mail threat motive, according to a recent USPIS report.[2]  With three simultaneous crises — public health, economic, and social justice — security teams are facing even greater challenges. Like a pandemic, mail-borne threats often fall into the low probability/high impact category. Six months […]

You secure your front door. What about the back?

Or perhaps you walked through the front doors of a data center, financial institution, or pharmaceutical manufacturer and headed straight to the server room, trading floor, or R&D lab completely unimpeded? Most likely never. If your experience is like most, you were first caught on a security camera before you even walked through the front […]

Warshipping Threat Detection in Mail Security

Warshipping Forbes.

When performing this assessment you have to think outside the box and be open to the evolution of threats and what they may look like in the future. The never-ending battle against cybercriminals has been fought on many fronts and the mailroom is now one of them. There is a new technique IBM X-Force Red […]