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19 White Powder Mail Cases in the Netherlands: What We Know

The first wave of white powder letters were reported at the offices of media company in Brabant and Amsterdam, and a hospital in Rotterdam. The total reached 19 white powder letters over 3 days last week. No injures have been reported and facilities have reopened quickly. “Letters containing the powder were first discovered at a […]

Five Pillars of Mailroom Security

Revenge from employees, former employees, and other stakeholders is the most common motive, according to a recent USPIS report.  With three simultaneous crises — public health, economic, and social justice — security teams are facing even greater challenges. Like a pandemic, mail-borne threats often fall into the low probability/high impact category. Six months ago, few […]

You secure your front door. What about the back?

Or perhaps you walked through the front doors of a data center, financial institution, or pharmaceutical manufacturer and headed straight to the server room, trading floor, or R&D lab completely unimpeded? Most likely never. If your experience is like most, you were first caught on a security camera before you even walked through the front […]