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False Positives: More Common Than You Think

Earlier this month when Facebook’s Sarin nerve agent threat hit the news it highlighted a reality often overlooked when planning for emergencies: the most common end state of an emergency situation is that of a false alarm. By the end of the day, the apparent nerve agent threat was deemed a false positive. In most […]


RaySecur Security Advisory: WARSHIPPING – IT and Network Vulnerabilities through the Mail Aside from conventional mail threats to an organization’s personnel and infrastructure via CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive) mail vulnerabilities also pose a serious risk to IT and cyber assets.  Recent testing by IBM has highlighted a practice known as “warshipping” where […]

Mail Threats Explained: What really can hurt you?

Mail Pipe Bomb X-ray.

The most common method of training for potential security threats is to identify and focus on the “worst-case scenario.” Doing so gets the full scope of the threat on the table so everyone understands how significant the situation can be. What this doesn’t do is mentally prepare those involved when the scenario isn’t the worst […]

Situational Awareness: Consciously Screening Mail

One of the most important things you can do in mail security is to understand the importance of situational awareness when determining if a package or letter is a threat.  Earlier this year, we. dealt with the uneasiness of random terrorism as we witnessed Austin Texas handle a mail bomber.  It was somewhat reminiscent of […]

Potential Targets of Mail-Borne Terrorism

There is no right way to determine with certainty if members of your organization could be potential targets.  The reality is, anyone can be a potential target of terrorism.  Especially now, anyone who is a well known figure could be a target of mail borne threats.  Whether it’s politicians, celebrities, journalists, or employees of a […]

Mail Security: Your How-To Guide

Here at RaySecur, we live for effective mail security.  We have consistently advertised that RaySecur is a “zero-to-hero” solution for all your mail security needs.  We have the most advanced threat detection system available today in the screening of powders and liquids.  Also, we provide guidance and support sourced from some of the top experts […]

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