MailSecur Training

RaySecur offers comprehensive training covering specific aspects of mailroom security and operations.


The hour-long class caters to all security leads and mail room managers. The course provides basic mail center security training, based on your organization’s risk assessment and policies; a procedure review; and best practices to effectively identify and respond to mail threats. This class is held in a traditional classroom setting on the day of installation and training or can be offered via live webinar prior to installation.


This one-on-one training class is designed for the first line mail handlers and covers advanced subject matter on threat detection and response procedures using the MailSecur scanner. The course explores in detail how to properly detect and confirm mail content; how to use millimeter waves to detect CBRE* threats and suspicious powders and liquids; and how to determine the appropriate response to a threat. Also included are training simulations using inert objects representing mail threats based on particularly difficult scenarios. This class promises total operational proficiency and a masterful understanding of the use of the technology and is offered on the date of installation.

*Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosives


Mail handlers receive one-on-one training on how to accurately analyze/detect the presence of powders, liquids and other threats in letters, including envelopes and flats. The training reinforces the use of visual and physical mail inspection. The mail handlers will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the new screening procedures using different inert test samples alongside the trainer. Designed for all mail handlers who will be using the MailSecur scanner with a course length designed to last between one and two hours depending on the needs of the facility.

Additional Courses and Training

Fundamentals of Emergency Management Plans and Operations

This course reviews the fundamentals, technical tools, advanced techniques and required safety processes needed when building a mailroom emergency response plan. The course content is based on material taught in mail center security classes; centered on Homeland Security mailroom reference material, Canada Post mail handling recommendations and UK PAS97. Designed for Management /Facility/Security leads and first responders and lasts approximately 1 hour to 2 hours. This presentation can be offered on-site at a walkthrough or in a classroom setting as a lecture and is also offered both on-site and via video conferencing. This course is also an introduction to our consultation services in Emergency Response Planning for Mailrooms.

Emergency Response Planning For Mailrooms

Using FEMA, CDC, USPS and operationally-proven emergency management tools, this course is designed to assist in the creation of new emergency management programs for mailrooms or refine and update existing programs. This comprehensive course based on material taught in mail center security classes and is centered your individual facility with direction from the US Department of Homeland Security, Canada Post mail handling recommendations and the United Kingdom Mail Screening and Security Specifications. Designed for Management, Facility, Security leads and first responders. The hour-long class is offered on-site in a classroom setting or via video conferencing.

Best Practice Series

Fundamentals Of Mail Screening And Mail Handling Procedures

This course provides the participants with the basics of visual and physical mail inspection and screening. Designed for all mail handlers as an introductory course or refresher in either an on-site or interactive video conference. The course includes a 30-minute presentation with additional time reserved for Q&A.