RaySecur is trusted to protect major companies in virtually all industries.

4 of the 5 most valuable companies in the world use MailSecur. The security teams of 6 of the 10 wealthiest people use MailSecur, too.

Leading Tech Company Using X-Ray Scanners Faced a Major Gap in their Mail Security

A $100B tech company:

“There is no way that I can see the powders that MailSecur is showing on my X-ray system.”

Director of Global Security
Operations Center and Mail Center, Executive Protection

How One of the Best-Known Financial Services Companies in the World Protects Offices and Personnel Globally

The company is one of the top 5 best-known financial services brands in the world.

“MailSecur quickly proved that it could detect threats that our third-party firm couldn’t with their off-site X-ray scanners.”

Director, Global Security Operations.

Fortune 500 Manufacturer Security Team Left in the Lurch When Company Split

The X-ray mail scanner was lost in the divorce and being in a new headquarters didn’t make matters any easier.

$5B Global Cloud Service Provider Faces Threats Worldwide

“The safety and ease of use of RaySecur’s scanners are two of the key reasons why we deployed these systems across four of our critical sites in North America this year. Adding this layer of screening also allows us to comply with the recommendations made by Homeland Security…”

Shipping and Receiving Manager

One of the Four Major National Crime Labs Faced a Constant Barrage of Mail-Borne Threats

One of the most sophisticated law enforcement labs in the country had used every possible mail screening technology – except MailSecur. As a result, their mailroom personnel were unnecessarily faced with threats. Crazies were regularly sending in threats that mailroom employees had to clear and open before directing it to the lab or administrative personnel.

A Major 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate

in 2020 was facing threats to himself, his family, and staff. His security team used MailSecur to keep them all safer.

“I did feel a lot more secure and I got a lot more confident in trusting what I saw because MailSecur was so easy to use.”

Staffer in charge of handling the daily mail.

How a Global Stock Exchange Protects Mail Rooms on Four Continents

With their high profiles and the possibility to make – or lose – a fortune in an instant, it’s not surprising that stock exchanges routinely face major security threats.

“The safety and ease of use are two of the key reasons why we deployed these systems across our critical sites.”

Global Security Director, International Stock Exchange

$20B Chemical Company Chooses RaySecur for its First-Ever Mail Security Program

A new global security head wanted to plug a major security gap in their mail program

One of the Largest Hedge Funds Needs to Keep Their Hard-Charging Employees Safe

Traders and others in this high-risk industry spend a lot of time on site

G8 World Leader’s Security Team Adds MailSecur to its Arsenal of Security Tech

Facing constant threats, the team wanted to keep themselves safe while also keeping their charges safe.