MailSecur Technical Specifications

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With MailSecur™, operators can see inside incoming mail. The tech specs below explain the details.

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) TechnologyProvided at 10x The Resolution Used In Airport Screening

Dual Zone – Standard and 3x Zoom View

Safe, Requires No Certification, Dedicated Safety Protocols, or Special Shielding
Dimensions19.5 in x 32 in x 31.5 in (49.5 x 81.3 x 80 cm)

70 Pounds (31.75 kg)
Camera(s)mmWave and Optical
Field of View9 ¼ in x 7 ¼ in (23.5 x 18.4 cm)
Image EnhancementMultiple Color Mapping

Brightness and Contrast Adjustment

3X Optical Magnification
Automated Threat DetectionAI Supported Detection *Software Update
Metal DetectionSensitivity Control

Visual and Audible Alarm

Dual Zone
Radiation DetectionGamma Radiation

Beta Radiation
PowerStandard 110/220 V AC
Internet ConnectionEthernet, WiFi, LTE
PeripheralsUSB, HDMI
Setup timeTypically <30 minutes