MailSecur vs. X-ray Scanners

Superior mmWave technology

Detect better than x-ray

Using safe millimeter wave technology, MailSecur detects more threats than X-ray mail scanners — and it’s easier to operate.

X-ray mail scanners have their place. They are especially useful when you need to inspect large boxes. 

But the vast majority of mail-borne threats come in small packages, and nothing beats MailSecur to see inside small threats.

Millimeter Wave Technology

MailSecur’s mmWave tech provides superior threat detection showing even the smallest objects in real-time 3D video. Most conventional X-ray mail scanners can only show static, 2D images.

Static 2D X-Ray

Static 2D X-Ray Image: MailSecur by RaySecur.

Real-Time 3D mmWave Video

Static 2D X-Ray Gun Image MailSecur, by RaySecur.
3D Gun Video Millimeter Wave MailSecur, by RaySecur.

Detects Powders & Liquids

MailSecur can detect threats that X-ray mail scanners can’t: like harmful liquids and powders. And MailSecur can still detect all of the threats that an X-ray scanners can.

“…Such materials may not be ‘white’ and may not be ‘powders’; materials may be crystalline (e.g. sugar), oily or waxy residues, or liquids, and might be present in sufficiently small quantities as to be undetectable by typical X-ray-based screening processes. ”

UK PAS-97 Mail Screening Standards

With conventional X-ray imaging, highly-trained operators are needed to interpret a static 2D image. 

With MailSecur, the imaging is dynamic – if you can’t make out a concealed item just move or rotate it to view the item from all angles in full motion. The perfect addition to your mailroom security program.

mmWave is 100% Safe

mmWave tech is so safe that operators do not need costly training and certification to use it—unlike X-ray tech.

Mailsecur video cover.

mmWaves are non-ionizing, which means they’re completely safe for operators and passersby.

No extensive training needed. No permitting required. The system is about the size of a large desktop printer, and is easily portable.

Safe, easy, and fast—nothing like the headaches and hazards of an X-ray system.

RaySecur mmWave & Terahertz Spectrum.

With its low cost and small footprint, MailSecur is the ideal solution for companies that need to improve mail security in many locations.

“No other technology can do this — truly unique and a game changer for mailroom security.”
Ken McGovern
Security Consultant and X-Ray Expert

X-ray Fails the Threat Detection Challenge

Compare the capabilities of mmWave vs. X-ray side-by-side and it’s plain to see that MailSecur and its safe, superior millimeter waves are the winner.

 MailSecurX-Ray Scanners
Dangerous ItemsXX
Suspicious PowdersX
Suspicious LiquidsX