MailSecur vs. X-ray Scanners

Superior mmWave technology

Detect better than x-ray

Using safe millimeter wave technology, MailSecur detects more threats than X-ray mail scanners — and it’s easier to operate.

X-ray mail scanners have their place. They are especially useful when you need to inspect large boxes. 

But the vast majority of mail-borne threats come in small packages, and nothing beats MailSecur to see inside small threats.

X-ray Fails the Threat Detection Challenge

Compare the capabilities of mmWave vs. X-ray side-by-side and it’s plain to see that MailSecur and its safe, superior millimeter waves are the winner.

 MailSecurX-Ray Scanners


Improvised explosive devices (IED), pipe bombs, and related threats

Illicit Items

Drugs, weapons, weapon components, smuggled items


Items prohibited in courts or corrections facilities: stamps, utensils, etc.


Anthrax, ricin, bleach, and hoaxes like sugar or baking soda


Drugs, Kerosene & fuels, Muriatic & acids, Mercury & hazards





“No other technology can do this — truly unique and a game changer for mailroom security.”
Ken McGovern
Security Consultant and X-Ray Expert

Millimeter Wave Technology

MailSecur’s mmWave tech provides superior threat detection showing even the smallest objects in real-time 3D video. Most conventional X-ray mail scanners can only show static, 2D images.

Static 2D X-Ray

Static 2D X-Ray Image: MailSecur by RaySecur.

Real-Time 3D mmWave Video

Static 2D X-Ray Gun Image MailSecur, by RaySecur.
3D Gun Video Millimeter Wave MailSecur, by RaySecur.

Detects Powders & Liquids

MailSecur can detect threats that X-ray mail scanners can’t: like harmful liquids and powders. And MailSecur can still detect all of the threats that an X-ray scanners can.

“…Such materials may not be ‘white’ and may not be ‘powders’; materials may be crystalline (e.g. sugar), oily or waxy residues, or liquids, and might be present in sufficiently small quantities as to be undetectable by typical X-ray-based screening processes. ”

UK PAS-97 Mail Screening Standards

With conventional X-ray imaging, highly-trained operators are needed to interpret a static 2D image. 

With MailSecur, the imaging is dynamic – if you can’t make out a concealed item just move or rotate it to view the item from all angles in full motion. The perfect addition to your mailroom security program.

mmWave is 100% Safe

mmWave tech is so safe that operators do not need costly training and certification to use it—unlike X-ray tech.

Mailsecur video cover.

mmWaves are non-ionizing, which means they’re completely safe for operators and passersby.

No extensive training needed. No permitting required. The system is about the size of a large desktop printer, and is easily portable.

Safe, easy, and fast—nothing like the headaches and hazards of an X-ray system.

RaySecur mmWave & Terahertz Spectrum.

With its low cost and small footprint, MailSecur is the ideal solution for companies that need to improve mail security in many locations.