MailSecur System: The New Standard in Mail Security

Real-time Video Mail Screening

MailSecur showing a gun inside a box.

MailSecur from RaySecur gives you a real-time view into the contents of mail and packages. 

Currently, mailrooms are the weak link in the security chain. But with MailSecur, you use safe millimeter wave (mmWave) technology to quickly identify packages with potential threats.

Our mmWave scanners have 10× greater sensitivity than the mmWave tech used by the U.S. government in airports.

First line of defense

With MailSecur™, you can safely “see inside” incoming mail with live video scanning and keep your people safe.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated MailSecur as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT).

The MailSecur Advantage

3D Real-Time Imaging

MailSecur’s exclusive 360° Rotation™ Video Imaging technology exposes mail contents instantly.

Operators watch a live video as they move objects by hand in MailSecur, allowing full 3D dynamic imaging for detection and content identification compared to 2D static imaging with X-Rays.

Letter bombs, dirty bombs, incendiary devices, weapons, hoaxes, and traditional CBREs, as well as new emerging threats from mail weaponization can all be detected in real-time with MailSecur’s real-time 3D images.

Safe for Operators

MailSecur provides superior 3D images with safe mmWave technology. 

This eliminates exposing operators to dangerous X-rays. MailSecur operators do not need costly certification. And sites avoid the need for licensing for radiation management and safety programs.

Detects More, Smaller Threats than X-ray

Using safe mmWave technology, MailSecur is 300× more sensitive than X-rays scanners.

That means the MailSecur detects more and smaller threats than X-ray mail scannersWith just a slight movement, suspicious liquids and powders can be seen shifting on MailSecur’s real-time video. Traditional threats are also revealed.

Real-Time Expert Screening Support

MailSecur is backed by EOD expert remote support avoiding the need to maintain highly-trained experts on staff. 

Military-trained explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts are only a click or call away 24/7.  All systems support remote login for our EOD experts providing you with the same level of expertise as if our EODTechs were in  your mailroom.


Lightweight, Portable, & Easy

MailSecur is about the size of copier and can be set up on a desktop or table in minutes.

It can easily be moved within your facility or even to other locations.  MailSecur is the only scalable mail screening solution that can easily be deployed across multiple sites and geographies.

Simple & Intuitive

With MailSecur you can detect potentially dangerous items on site in just a few seconds.

This eliminates the need to do your mail screening in a remote location. 

MailSecur is the superior solution for detecting hoaxes, such as powders and liquids,  and other threats that have eluded traditional detection equipment.

“The MailSecur is a disruptive technology.

It is transforming mail screening detection capabilities.”

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Why should only one or two of your sites have safe mail?

MailSecur is revolutionizing mail inspection by eliminating cost and technical skills as barriers to affordable, reliable mail screening. 

MailSecur is the first scalable solution to ensure that all of your sites are protected.