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Security Experts Views

“ The MailSecur device is a disruptive technology.  It is transforming mail screening detection capabilities.  After Anthrax events of 2001, everyone bought x-ray systems yet powders and liquids are undetectable.  RaySecur’s technology and the MailSecur device is able to detect those threats. ”

Christian West

AS Solution specialize in executive protection services for corporations and also serve high net worth individuals, family offices, NGOs, celebrities and embassies.

“ The holographic imaging capabilities makes the MailSecur device superior to x-ray for mail screening facilities.  The training and service offered by RaySecur is the best in the industry”

Marshall Keith James

JGW Group focus areas includes the Forces Protection, CBRNE, Defense, Scientific Technology, Logistics, Government mail room implementation and Training.

“ The 3D Holographic imaging capabilities is truly a game changer.  Mail content decoding is easier then ever before because, items can be manipulate by hand in the viewing rendering all field of view possible and you can see movement of powder and liquids in real-time.  No other technology can do this – truly unique and a game changer for mail room security”

Ken McGovern

Security Consultant and x-ray expert. Specialty clients includes US Government mail room employee training and counter intelligence training.

“ After many years of waiting for a solution to complement x-ray equipment and to bridge the gap in powder detection, I think RaySecur combine with an x-ray device is the complete imaging solution for any mailroom”

Thomas Blomqvist

NSC Sweden is an x-ray manufacturer that specialize in government infrastructure and mail room security.

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