Be completely covered with RaySecur’s MailTech Support

MailTech Support- is a monthly support service that is billed annually and it includes the following items:

Unlimited Remote Support

With personalized assistance, available to help decode the mmWave images and to support your postal operation from a security stand point. Such service is delivered via the web for visual and dedicated toll-free line. We help decode images and ensure proper technical support for powder, liquid and metal detection that constitute most form of CBRE and hoax letter.

Mailroom Monitoring System

A camera(s) is installed in your mailroom and on-going support and procedure reviewed are monitor periodically. Employees can request help by activating the camera and or placing a call to our center. We will connect to your mailroom for visual and voice support. Reducing overall risk from mail borne threats and ensuring 3rd party validation.

Mailroom Work Procedure

Develop workflow procedures based on your site-specific condition and mail stream.

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