‘Suspicious’ package was box marked ‘explosives’ inside another box, police say

A “suspicious” package delivered to a southwestern Sioux Falls home was a box labeled “explosives” inside another box, police say.

Residents of a home in the area of W. 54th Street and W. Bonnie Court held a subscription to a product service that is delivered directly to their home on a regular basis, Capt. Loren McManus said. When they opened the package, a second box labeled “explosive” was found inside, and they contacted police.

The package was deemed suspicious by police, and area residents were evacuated as the bomb squad, ATF, and FBI arrived on the scene.

Police do not know what the package contained or where the original package was apprehended and replaced with the explosive device. According to McManus, either the FBI or ATF will handle further investigation on case.

Police tweeted Wednesday night that an explosive device was detonated in the county area.

Originally posted on Argus Leader.