Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD): A Legitimate Threat Without the Fanfare

While everyone has heard of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) either through the news, movies, or personal experiences, a surprisingly small number have heard of Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD). An RDD combines a traditional explosive with radioactive material and has the potentiality to contaminate an entire work environment. RDDs and other similar radiological threats are just […]

“Unknown White Powder” is a Rising Threat — and it’s Not Just Anthrax

Unknown white powder.

The numbers are on the rise, consistently in the news and yet these events seem to go by without any significant change to policy. Today, whether it is inmates sending a hoax package with white powder to a district attorney or three staff members in a prison falling ill due to exposure to an unknown […]

Situational Awareness in Mail Screening

mail sorting last line of defense

Earlier this year, we. dealt with the uneasiness of random terrorism as we witnessed Austin Texas handle a mail bomber.  It was somewhat reminiscent of the Washington D.C. sniper shootings in 2002.  There was no clear motive, and the victims had no connections to one another. Luckily, the Austin bombings did not last long.  The […]

Global Security Intelligence Report 12/14/2018

Only the major events make the headlines, but if you are staying in tune with mailroom security news around the world then you know how often these things happen.  Here are some stories we’ve tracked over the past two weeks: In Norway, a man was arrested for sending packages containing explosives to a police station. […]

Potential Targets of Mail-Borne Terrorism

There is no right way to determine with certainty if members of your organization could be potential targets.  The reality is, anyone can be a potential target of terrorism.  Especially now, anyone who is a well known figure could be a target of mail borne threats.  Whether it’s politicians, celebrities, journalists, or employees of a […]

Global Security Incident News 11/30/18

Global Incident News Exclusively For RAYSECUR™ Customers & VIP List Members We collect and send security threatening news covered by RAYSECUR™  team directly to your inbox. This is closed group exclusively for our customers and people manually added upon request. Request Free Enrollment In the past two weeks we have seen many instances of mail threats […]

Mail Security: Your How-To Guide

Here at RaySecur, we live for effective mail security.  We have consistently advertised that RaySecur is a “zero-to-hero” solution for all your mail security needs.  We have the most advanced threat detection system available today in the screening of powders and liquids.  Also, we provide guidance and support sourced from some of the top experts […]

“Postal Terrorism” Surprisingly Common

Hazmat response to a white powder letter in San Antonio, TX

Postal Terrorism has led the headlines recently because of the pipe bomb letters from October.  Nothing makes headlines more than the word “bomb”.  When it’s such a high profile case as the letter bombs from October, everyone is on edge for a bit.  After a while, we start to focus on other news stories and […]

Reflections – October Mail Bomb Attempts

The last two weeks were crazy. The country is on high alert in the aftermath of the letter bombing attempts targeting members of the Democratic party, the media, and liberals in general.  The suspect, Cesar Sayoc, made his first court appearance on Monday.  But reports are still coming in from across the country about new […]