Coppell, Texas Police Department evacuated to investigate a suspicious package

The scare came as authorities across Texas warned residents to not open unexpected package deliveries

The Coppell Police Department headquarters was evacuated Monday evening after a resident asked police to investigate a suspicious package.

The scare came as authorities across Texas warned residents to not open unexpected package deliveries after two package explosions killed a teenager and wounded two others Monday in Austin.

According to police, the resident told officers they found a package left at their doorstep and it appeared to have been shipped from outside the United States. The resident brought the package to the police department out of concern because they were not expecting a delivery, police said.

The building was evacuated and surrounding traffic diverted as Irving’s bomb squad rendered the package safe.

Officers said the package contents ended up being harmless and the sender was identified. No charges were filed because nothing criminal was done, police said.

Still, officials warn that if you receive a package that you weren’t expecting, do not touch it and do not move it.

In Austin, police investigated two detonations Monday believed to be linked to an explosion at a home on March 2 that killed a 39-year-old man. The FBI and ATF’s National Response Team are assisting Austin police in the investigation.

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