Mail Security Learning Platform

Mastering the Art of Mail Security

Which training is right for you?

Mail security training shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve organized our training courses and materials into convenient role-based categories.

Welcome to Mail Security Learning Platform, RaySecur’s online training program.

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen RaySecur to help you heighten your knowledge of mail center security. Whether your job is in a mailroom, security, facilities, or operations, we know you want to keep your people and organization safe from mail-borne threats.

Our goal is to provide a robust mail center security training program. Here you will find courses ranging from designing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to emergency response planning to how to safely scan incoming mail. The courses are designed for new employees and can also be used as a yearly refresher for veterans.

We are honored that you have entrusted us to help keep you and your people safe as you strengthen your mailroom security programs, and we will continue to build and grow our course content based on relevant and time sensitive material.

Welcome and enjoy!

Are your employees protected?

Your first line of defense: With MailSecur you can safely “see inside” incoming mail with live video scanning and keep your people safe.